Outmatch Acquires Eureka Technology; Expands AI Capabilities to Maximize New Talent

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OutMatch Adds Natural Language Processing and Gamification Technology to Their Tech Stack

OutMatch, a Talent Discovery Platform that delivers the data-driven insights companies need to select the best people, develop leaders, and discover a hidden talent, has acquired powerful new technology, formerly called Eureka, which uses AI to match candidates with companies and jobs based on technical skill, soft skills, and cultural fit. Eureka’s founder, Adam Thompson, has also joined OutMatch as Director of Data Science.

The new technology adds advanced natural language processing (NLP) and gamification capabilities. Customers and prospects can expect exciting innovation from OutMatch, most immediately in the areas of talent assessment and video interviewing.

“At OutMatch, we help companies select, develop, and even create the best talent,” said Greg Moran, CEO of OutMatch. “Through actionable talent insights and unparalleled talent expertise, we look forward to helping companies truly discover their talent and unlock their potential.”

The acquisition of Eureka marks an important step for OutMatch as it pursues an innovative vision – empowering a path for every person. OutMatch is challenging the HR tech market to re-focus on people, creating stronger performance, stronger brands, and stronger bonds.

“I’m thrilled to be part of the OutMatch team, working together to build a future where technology connects people with opportunities, instantly,” said Adam Thompson.

Even as OutMatch expands its AI capabilities, the company is deeply committed to a “glass box” approach to AI, which provides crystal-clear transparency into how algorithms are built, and predictions are made. OutMatch also has teams of I/O and technology experts monitoring AI and ensuring accuracy and fairness in all algorithms.

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