Microsoft’s HR Head: ‘What does AI mean for the future of work?’

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What does AI mean to future of work?

Artificial intelligence – there’s simply no escaping it. As technology gradually permeates our workplaces, HR leaders are at the forefront of the robotic revolution.

And whilst the benefits of implanting AI into organizational strategy are manifold, some employees still fear automation and evolving technologies.

HRD spoke to Carolyn Byer, Head of HR at Microsoft Canada and speaker HR Tech Summit Toronto, who revealed how employers can quell any employee unease.

“At Microsoft, we believe that AI is the defining technology of our time. It is a tool that will enable people in every industry to achieve greater productivity and growth. We are working to make AI accessible to every individual and organization on the planet with the goal of amplifying human ingenuity. With a thoughtful approach to AI innovations, employees will be empowered in all aspects of work.

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