Justworks Launches New Tools to Help Businesses Get COVID-19 Relief

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With the help of the platform, customers can easily understand and navigate the various government relief programs available to them

Justworks launches a new tax deferral feature and Paycheck Protection Program reporting functionality as part of a dynamic COVID-19 relief center built into its software. The relief center enables customers to opt into deferring their employer-paid Social Security taxes and granting businesses access to more working capital to pay their people as early as their next payroll cycle. The customers can also navigate to reporting, where they can generate a specialized Paycheck Protection Program report for their PPP loan application, as well as access other recently launched tools to schedule COVID-19-related paid leave for their employees and claim the applicable tax credits through the feature.

With the help of the platform, customers can easily understand and navigate the various government relief programs available to them. Importantly, the high-level view it provides gives businesses a clearer picture of how their choice to utilize a specific COVID-19 relief program, like the PPP, may impact their eligibility for other programs.

The various relief programs including the Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security (CARES) Act and the Families First Coronavirus Response Act (FFCRA) have created a real administrative barrier to access for America’s small businesses. Justworks eliminates this barrier with simple software that empowers businesses to easily understand their options, get access to relief fast and stay compliant.

“This is why Justworks exists. We build software that makes it easy for small businesses to manage and navigate government complexity,” said Isaac Oates, Founder, and CEO of Justworks. “In this challenging time, we have a unique opportunity to use our product architecture and expertise to help customers confidently pursue the government programs that best suit their business and people. The COVID-19 relief center in Justworks does just that.”

Through the COVID-19 relief center, Justworks takes care of the complexity, giving small businesses the ability to opt-in and take advantage of the government’s tax deferral program in a few simple clicks.

“The COVID-19 relief center is hugely important to our customers and also to our ability to deliver high-quality 24/7 support,” said Jason Whitman, Vice President of Customer Success at Justworks. “By empowering small businesses to take advantage of these government relief programs with our software, we reduce the operational burden on our team as well. This allows team members to focus on other efforts that help our customers take care of their people, like offering special open enrollment periods for their health insurance. These allow customers’ employees who may have previously not enrolled in health insurance, or not included their dependents, for example, to get access to it through Justworks in this challenging time.”

The Justworks COVID-19 relief center went live for all customers on April 7, 2020.

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