Kwantek and ZipRecruiter Announces Enhanced Partnership

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Kwantek has announced an enhanced partnership with ZipRecruiter, an online employment marketplace which has the #1 rated job search app on iOS & Android.

The partnership will distribute jobs across ZipRecruiter’s marketplace, including their desktop, mobile, and email job search services.

“This is huge for our clients,” says Kwantek President Jeff Davis. “The job board landscape is constantly evolving, and ZipRecruiter is a company that is seeing dramatic growth.”

Over 1.8M businesses have used ZipRecruiter for their hiring needs, and over 25M job seekers visit the site on average each month. Founded in 2010, the Santa Monica-based marketplace has over 1,000 employees in two states and three countries.

“We’re already seeing a big wave of applicants from ZipRecruiter, and that’s thanks in large part to their existing database of applicants,” said Davis.

Powered by AI-driven smart-matching technology, ZipRecruiter automatically matches job seekers to relevant available jobs, allowing job seekers to be notified when a job could be a good fit for them.

“They’re on the cutting edge of this industry and our clients are going to benefit from this quite a bit,” said Davis. “Our applicant sources today may not be our applicant sources tomorrow. That’s why it’s critical for us to make smart partnerships with great companies that can make sure our clients are getting the quality applicants they need.”

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