ENGAGE Talent Launches New Alumni Engagement Product

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Leader in Total Talent Intelligence Releases Industry-first Tool to Keep Track of Company Alumni With Artificial Intelligence and Real-time, Non-self-reported Data

ENGAGE Talent, an AI software company that offers the Total Talent Intelligence™ solution to help companies improve talent acquisition, engagement, and retention and predict company and market performance,  announced the release of a new alumni engagement product. 

Your HCM System controls the trinity of talent acquisition, management and optimization – and ultimately, multiple mission-critical performance outcomes. Choosing the right solution for your organization.

The new tool aggregates and tracks alumni data, mapping talent and analyzing movements in the industry, to provide companies with high-quality, real-time, non-self-reported data that is not available anywhere else.

“If someone has worked well for your organization in the past, they are likely to be a good fit in the future,” said Joseph Hanna, CEO of ENGAGE Talent. “They are also a valuable asset in the sales cycle. If they’ve moved to a prospect company, they’re more likely to buy from your company than an unknown entity. Now organizations can keep track of their alumni easily, from the same platform that offers them a holistic and trusted view of their people, industry, and market.”

Built on the Strength of a Billion Data Points

Historically, organizations were forced to use piecemeal management systems to keep track of alumni. The process was tedious and time-consuming and had, at best, a mediocre success rate.

ENGAGE Talent’s new alumni engagement product is built right into its Total Talent Intelligence platform, which listens to more than 30,000 public and private data sources and analyzes more than a billion data points monthly so that organizations can:

  • Keep track of their alumni with real-time data
  • Learn which alumni work for a prospect during a live sales cycle
  • Enrich contact information on alumni and contact them directly from the platform
  • Access valuable AI on alumni’s willingness to engage in recruiting discussions
  • Perform searches, compile lists and create projects

This valuable alumni data can be managed easily with ENGAGE Talent’s Total Talent Intelligence cloud solution. Organizations are freed from the burden of manually managing the data, creating campaigns or engaging with individuals to keep track of their whereabouts, their desire to boomerang and their contact information.

“People strategies are at the heart of a business’ success — or failure,” added Hanna. “Now enterprises can recruit, engage and retain employees, align internal data, and keep track of their alumni from one unified platform.

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