Jobcase Launches Virtual Hiring Events to Aid Hiring During COVID-19

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Jobcase simplifies the virtual hiring process for the recruiters when in-person hiring has become difficult due to the Coronavirus outbreak globally

Jobcase, a social platform for the “future of work,” launches new virtual hiring events that provide job seekers as well as hiring managers with a simple, online method to facilitate the hiring process. This new channel allows employers to interact directly with candidates from any industry, avoiding the need for in-person hiring which has become impossible due to the COVID-19 pandemic. In the future, virtual hiring events will offer important hiring flexibility for employers as a scalable and repeatable option when in-person events become difficult for some reason.

Jobcase is proud to provide a virtual hiring event solution that brings workers and employers together,” said Fred Goff, Founder, and CEO of Jobcase. “On one side there are a lot of individuals dealing with recent lay-offs and furloughs. Things have happened so quickly that many of these folks are still processing, not aware of what jobs are available, or have never had to work remotely before. On the other hand, there are many overwhelmed employers who need help in necessary services – healthcare, logistics and warehousing, supply chains, customer service, grocery, delivery, etc. Frankly, this is why Jobcase exists. Our community is built to empower all workers and the employers they support. So, along with surfacing more work-from-home jobs, we want Jobcase’s virtual hiring event product to help everyone during the COVID-19 crisis and beyond.”

Jobcase’s new virtual events platform features a variety of simple, intuitive options for online interaction. It offers employers a streamlined set of tools to quickly and efficiently bring candidates through the hiring process.

Possible options include:

  • Hiring event promotion utilizing Jobcase powerful data science and multi-channel distribution to identify, inform, and attract qualified job seekers
  • Online registration with screener questions to ensure attendees are qualified and help recruiters prioritize their interactions
  • Video and webinar-style presentation capabilities
  • Public and private chat tools for recruiters to speak with candidates
  • The support of Jobcase’s online social media platform for improving and managing work-life – a community of “people helping people” that offers access to jobs, resources, and tools for self-improvement.
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