JobDiva Users Conference 2020 to be Held on June 12 at New York

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JobDiva makes the announcement about the JobDiva Users Conference 2020, the first JDUC that will open its doors to the non-JobDiva User community. The conference will take place in New York, on Friday, June 12. 

For the first time, JobDiva has invited non-JobDiva users to attend the conference and experience the committed, inspiring and leading-edge JobDiva community. They will also have an opportunity to see JobDiva’s platform in action.

For JDUC 2020, the theme of the Conference is “Staffing 2020: The Clear Vision.” Conforming to this theme, the planned presentation and empowering panels will ensure that attendees come to the conference with a clear sense of what is to come, both in the staffing market and for the JobDiva platform as JobDiva’s proprietary technology and partner ecosystem continue to evolve.

“With everything clicking into place for JDUC 2020, the anticipation here at JobDiva is palpable,” said Gus Samra, JobDiva’s Chief Revenue Officer. “JDUC 2020 will be a meeting ground for the agile and brilliant JobDiva User Community; JobDiva SMEs; industry experts and veterans; JobDiva integrators and partners; and those staffing leaders who are still outside the JobDiva community but who are enticed by JobDiva’s fast-paced innovation.”

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